Welcome from the Head

Piper Hill High School is an Outstanding school that is ambitious for everyone of our learners within the school community. We are a larger than average size special school that caters for students aged 11 – 19 with significant learning difficulties.Our primary aim is to engage pupils in learning through outstanding teaching. 

“Teaching is outstanding and consistently strong across all year groups. Teachers know how to make learning relevant and fun, while having very high expectations for what students should achieve.” Ofsted 2013
We aim to work in partnership with parents and carers and other agencies to provide the very best education for  our students and to ensure they  have the very best outcomes and make the best rates of progress they possibly can.   We ensure that through this partnership each pupil will achieve their potential and make outstanding progress and really enjoy their time at Piper Hill.  We aim to equip them to become the very best citizens they can be by the time they leave.  
On 1st September 2017, Piper Hill Learning Trust merged with Chorlton High School Learning Trust to create the Prospere Learning Trust. 
We are committed to:
  • working with parents and carers to achieve the best for all our students`;
  • the ongoing development and raising of standards and opportunities for all its students;
  • community governance including parent, staff and community representation;
  • the learning of all students whatever their background, ability or learning needs.
We hope students will really enjoy being at Piper Hill and benefit from the curriculum offered and the vast range of activities we provide.  This year we are focussing on further developing reading and communication skills and numeracy for our students through using our pupil premium money and developing the new curriculum for computing. 
Over the year I hope to meet with parents and carers at one of the many events or reviews we hold, both formal and informal. Please contact me directly if you have any comments, questions or concerns.
Linda Jones
Executive Headteacher