The 16-19 programme at Piper Hill consists of 2 ASDAN Accreditation pathways, Towards Independence and Bronze, Silver and Gold personal development Programmes. 
These accreditation Pathways are to accredit achievement at different learning levels. 
AL01 – AL04 Sensory
AL05 – AL08 Introduction
AL09 – AL11 Progression
AL12 Bronze, Silver and Gold personal development programmes
Students also experience or participate in work experience placements, which supports them to be work ready, by developing employability skills and developing a work portfolio which can be shared with potential training providers or colleges.
Some students also have the opportunity complete The Bronze and Silver Duke Edinburgh Award and may also access other appropriate accreditation or awards during the three year course.
These accreditation pathways support students, by enabling them to develop positive contributions to their community through further education or engagement with their local community post 19 years.
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